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Post  JamesStGeorge on Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:48 pm

New expo viking islet defence!

Maps bought at explorer halls.

Easy easy money. No risk, no b-nav. Avoid all battles, to or from, or fast diss.

Get to LP, enter, Everyone guns, about 5 mins. You can dismiss the puzzle and re-enter to look for a good board. Then SF or Rumble, good gunning adds blocks under enemy, like ship damage
Best matched to ship size. Cutter with 12 doing mediums jobbers come away with over 1k per map won.
Sloop for smalls. WF for huge. 75 v 128 ish.

Get viking trinkets! Exchangeable for several viking artifacts including a frost longship design, bear headdress design, rune rock, etc, at the trading post thing. Trinkets as part of purchase price are worth 500 ish or more depending on which one, on top of good poe hand out!

Only problem is when captains take on too small ones, then there are less trinkets to go round, and poe shared pot is smaller like with IO. There is no need to take on too small ones. Ship never at risk, no cbs expended of the ship's. Fail to win, just try again, re fill if need be with crew.

Do not have to be top gunner, do not be put off by gunning, so long as there are a few pros aboard relating to ship size and everyone guns their best. Even fines.

Grab them before they are made less generous or easy! Very Happy

Crew: : Knights of St George

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Re: Vikings!

Post  Azeitona on Fri Jan 28, 2011 8:30 pm

i saw that but i didnt tryed yet...
let me see if i got, everyone will gun? cool! xD


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