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Cursed Big Top at the Circus Isles!

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Cursed Big Top at the Circus Isles!

Post  Aldeberan on Sun Mar 22, 2009 5:41 am

Or something like that.

For those interested, the Cowardly Salmon is ported at Amity Island with 40 rum and 40 cb's and a chart to the nearby Atoll of Funtimeyeah!

Here are the requirements/status:

-She's set to battle-ready. I am comfortable with any Senior Officer leading her into the Circus.

-I expect anyone leading the field trip to the Circus to set themselves up for success by selecting a crew that will perform well enough to get the ship back to Amity. I have no problems with some of our less experienced players coming along, everyone deserves some fun, but try and balance them out with a good crew member or jobber!

-If you sink, oh well. Not a big deal. You won't be expected to pay for anything. This doesn't mean you should just take the ship in there and sink her.

-If she survives through the week, next Sunday, early in the morning GMT (like 0600 or so in the morning, GMT) I'll try and be online to lead her in to the Circus Isles a few more times before the map dusts.

This is all depending on whether or not my next trip or two are successful, of course. pleased

The map is kind of ugly. Its do-able, but its not one of the easier maps I've seen. That being said, have some fun Knights! Direct any questions to Pishkirlin, I won't be around all week (hence the offer! I spent enough to go to the Cursed Isles, might as well make sure the crew has an opportunity to take advantage of the Cursed Isles if they want to this week). Enjoy!




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