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How to become a Titled Member

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How to become a Titled Member Empty How to become a Titled Member

Post  Pishkirlin Fri Aug 15, 2008 6:44 am

Any Officer of the Realm can become a Titled Member of Ascalon in two steps:

  1. provide a story about about how the applicant earned the title;
  2. undertake a quest assigned by the Crown based on that story.

1. The story

1.1. General rules for stories

  • Must be written in English.
  • Must be between 200 and 1000 words.
  • Must feature the applicant as well as the Monarch or a Royal and be about a service rendered to the Realm and be based on actual in-game facts or skills.
  • Must be plausible in terms of time (no anachronisms), skills and actual facts. Fancy elements are allowed and incouraged. No familiy relationship with any member of the Crown can be claimed unless otherwise stated by the Royals themselves.
  • Must be written either by the applicant or by any citizen of Ascalon (see Call for papers).

1.2. Call for papers

In order to obtain one or more valid entries in support of his/her application, the applicant can announce a call for papers.

  • The applicant organizes and sponsors a contest offering a reward in PoE or prizes.
  • In order to be valid, entries must comply with the rules for stories.
  • The applicant can provide a background for the story, stating whether is compulsory or not to develop the story according to it.
  • The applicant can accept entries in any language, if he can subsequently provide an English translation of them.
  • A winner must be declared regardless of the number of participants before submitting the entries to the College of Arms.
  • The applicant can offer an additional bonus for the entry eventually chosen by the College of Arms as the official one.

1.3 Acknoledgement by the College of Arms

Once the winner of the contest is announced and prizes have been rewarded to the author of his choice, the applicant can send the stories he likes to the College of Arms. The more stories he sends, the better his chances to earn the title will be.

The College of Arms screens the stories and gives a verdict on them.
The Monarch and the Royals featured in the story have veto power on its acklowledgement and can always reject a story.

If all the stories are rejected, the applicant won't earn the title. He could apply as many times he wants, but a month must pass before being able to submit a new application.

2. The quest

The Crown will assign a customized mission to the applicant, based on the story selected by the College of Arms.
A mission may include one or more trials such as: carrying on a research, solving riddles, execute a duty, achieving an in-game goal.

As soon as the applicant succeeds in the quest, a special ceremony granting him the title is performed.

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