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Blacksmithing tutorial.

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Blacksmithing tutorial. Empty Blacksmithing tutorial.

Post  Piratus Mon Feb 01, 2010 1:54 pm

Ahoy, back in the days when I owned an irnoworking stall I trained myself to make expert labor in blacksmithing. This is guide I used to get where I am today in blacksmithing:

I regulary score incredible and it's not that rare that I end the game with only one or two squares left to hit. I have also cleared all the tiles in a game, but only once.

If you need to know what blacksmithing is about, go read that guide. For thoose of you who would only like to know some tips and don't feel like reading a full tutorial. I will give you some tips.
General rules:
1. Try to keep as many tiles as possible on the same "coolneslevel" (for lack of a better term).

2. Try not to hit the tiles at the edges, when possible. A lot of tiles will lead to the edges of the board (the queen,tower, bishop) and keeping them is important.

3. While following rule 1. Always make sure that the last tile you hit on a certain level is in a corner. That tile will turn into a rum bottle and it will much easier to get to it again if it is in a corner.

4. Use the rum bottles as late as possible - there is no need to rush thing, use your strongest asset as late as possible, this especially helps when you only have a few tiles left to hit, since the rum bottle allow you to take any tile on the board.

5. When you end up with a lot of holes, play it slow to make sure you don't get into a dead end earlier than necessary, and keep an eye out for pieces that are, or will soon become, "dead" i.e. don't lead to any other tiles.

6. Close to the end of the game it realy pays off to take your time and think. Before this stage of the game you don't have to wait and think a lot, but this is the time to calculate wich moves will give you more score.

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