Knights of Saint George
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Post  Rubydeath Wed Jan 28, 2009 2:02 pm

I LOVE this puzzle. Had a brief talk with Pishkirlin about it earlier and I thought I'd share a video.

This is a video using my main account on Hunter, with a ranking of Legendary/Paragon. (Actually 15th experienced on the ocean and one place off Illustrious.) I've been Leg for quite some time now, Ultimate ranks seem to avoid me.

Any questions / helpful pointers are welcomed. =) If anyone is intrested in this anymore (also not to distract from the sails training,) I'm more than willing to make more videos/add commentary/point you in the correct direction for more help etc etc.

Brief overview of the video: ( I also wish to point out.. the quality is very bad after upload, I will consider a different way of posting next time.

The starting DR and ending DR are both Incredible.

Combo 1.Vegas^3 - extremely lucky, had the right pieces at the right time.
Combo 2.Donkey.
Combo 3.Vegas - You'll see I stop one marker away from the flag (In this instance, I had no more moves to make in the combo, but even so it can benefit to refrain from adding anymore on your combo (thus finishing the game) so that you can play into the "extra time".
Combo 4.Donkey to finish.

Crew: : Knights Of Saint George

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