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Stat building tip Empty Stat building tip

Post  Pishkirlin Mon Jan 26, 2009 11:53 pm

If you want your standing to go up, choose wisely the way you work on your stats.
Bear in mind that you need to play the puzzle as long as you can, without interruptions.
Long pillages, flotillas, Atlantis voyages are good, since you are supposed to stay on the station and leave it only after having puzzled a lot.
During pillages, take your station back after every battle as soon as you can. If you wait too much you might start from the scratch losing the bonus you got from the previous puzzling. Do not change station taking one during the battle and another one during the course: this is the best way to trash your stats!
Navy is not always the best. Take into account that in the first league you always achieve a low score. In a 8-leagues route that might be ok, but in a 3/4-leagues route that's harmful for your standings, especially if you repeat the route over and over. Every 4 leagues you will have a bad score.

Swabbie transports are another great way to build stats. Take a sloop, empty its hold, chart a long route, pay the swabbies and set sail. You can puzzle on a long route without interruptions!

So remember: avoid short Navy trips and in general abandoning the station after only a few leagues/reports.

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Post  Azeitona Tue Jan 27, 2009 8:50 am

I agree with that... long trips are the best!
But pillage is still hard to me go up... i prefer a flotilla or a atlantis trip.
But becareful... it looks like to me that going out for TH everytime is not good for your stats...
so if u take a atlantis to try get your stats up, dont leave the sail station everytime, even u if are going to TH...


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