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Commendation ceremony

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Commendation ceremony Empty Commendation ceremony

Post  Pishkirlin Sun Nov 23, 2008 1:18 am

The ceremony has to be held on the Sovereign Dragon. Beside the King and the new peer, there must be a herald.

The new peer must:

  • have previously inscribed a maroon scroll as it follows:
    I, _________, hereby swear fealty to the Crown of Ascalon.
  • be dressed in maroon/white
  • wear a hat
  • have with him/her both a sword and a bludgeon

Herald: His Majesty Pishkirlin, King of Ascalon, calls before the aftcastle Sir/Dame _____ to honour him/her, for he/she has rendered great service to Ascalon.
The new peer approaches the aftcastle where the herald stands.
Herald: Sir/Dame _____, hand us your weapons and remove your hat when you are ready to approach the helm.
The new peer hands his swords and bludgeon to the herald, then removes his/her hat.
Herald: Sir/Dame _____, approach the helm.
The new peer climbs on the aftcastle where the King stands.
King: Sir/Dame ____, do you wish to swear fealty to the Crown?
New peer: I so wish, Sire.
A trade interface is opened.
King: /me clasps Sir/Dame _______ís hands.
New Lord: I hereby swear fealty and do homage to the Crown of Ascalon.
I shall henceforth uphold and obey the lawful commands set forth by the Crown in all matters that concern the Kingdom.
I shall guard and nurture the values of the Realm and guide by my example as befits one of my station.
Here by my honour and my heart, swear I, _____.
The new lord trades the inscribed scroll.
King: This do We hear, nor fail to remember, and accept your oath, Sir/Dame _____. We shall answer fealty with fealty and protect you and your household with all Our power, until We depart from Our Throne, death take us, or the world end.
So say We, Pishkirlin, King of Ascalon.
King: /sh Sir/Dame ____, be known henceforth as Lord/Lady in this, Our Realm.
King: Let the Herald read the Scroll of Arms.
Herald: Know by these presents that We, King Pishkirlin of Ascalon, do hereby recognize ______ as a Lord/Lady of the Realm. We do affirm his/her sole and exclusive right to bear the following Arms by Letter Patent in the Kingdom of Ascalon.
Herald: _____
The Herald reads the blazon of the coat of arms inscribed in the scroll.
Herald: /sh All hail the Right Honorable ______. Vivat!
The Herald trades the scroll with the new peer and give him/her back his/her weapons.

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