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Aldeberan's Update

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Aldeberan's Update

Post  Aldeberan on Thu Aug 28, 2008 12:32 pm

Yo ho me hearties!

I figured I was due up for another update, and the forums seemed as an appropriate place as any to post that.

Oh, for those that DON'T know the reason behind my absence for the last two months is I had orders to report to Officer Candidate School for the United States Navy in Newport, Rhode Island.

My class is completing our 9th week this week, and we are DONE with all of our graded evolutions. I've been running and marching through some pretty terrible shin splints for the last three weeks, and I wasn't sure I was going to make it at times and that I would be rolled back and end up being here longer. Fortunately I made it and here I am!

We're preparing for our Senior Officer Briefs right now, or are supposed to be. Leave it to me to procrastinate. Other than that, we're helping our Little Brother Class prepare for their RLP re-inspect this Saturday as they did very poorly on their RLP inspection today. This weekend is a holiday weekend and we're being granted off-base liberty for the first time, so expect to see me on the seas for a little while this weekend!

The next few weeks will be spent Under Instruction preparing us to assume command of the Regiment in 2 weeks. In all liklihood, we'll be helping run the regiment in one week since the class ahead of us won't have enough people to actually run it, which is good for us.

A little more exciting news, our class miraculously (and it truly was some stroke of a miracle) secured 4 of the 5 achievable streamers, which made us an Honor Class. Being an Honor Class doesn't really amount to much other than we get a cool additional flag and a nice streamer to add to our colorful flag. There is a rumor that for SWO (Surface Warfare Officer) billets (duty stations/ships) tend to have a few extra thrown in there to give the Honor Class a few more options to choose from, which could be incredibly useful. I'm praying for Spain or Italy, but the liklihood of one of those showing up is pretty close to the probability of me nabbing 1000 Kraken's Blood on my first battle on Saturday. Hah! Probably a little bit better than that, but it's still a very, very unlikely scenario.

The next 3 weeks (I graduate and recieve my commission on September 19th) should be pretty pleasant, our class doesn't really get beat (dropped on our faces for pushups or some other grueling physical activity) anymore so our lives are a lot less stressful.

So I look forward to seeing you all soon! Do I sense a party this weekend? I do, thats for sure!




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Re: Aldeberan's Update

Post  Pishkirlin on Sat Aug 30, 2008 2:35 am

Aldeberan wrote:I'm praying for Spain or Italy [...]
How long does it take to a Navy fleet to cross the Atlantic Ocean? I've always wondered that.
I guess ships of a different class have different speed but I think when they move as a fleet they keep the same speed. Am I wrong?
And if you go to Italy or Spain, will you move just one ship or a fleet/squadron? And what ship will you command? Last time we talk you were talking about a carrier.

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