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Post  Grodanknorr on Fri Jan 22, 2010 7:15 am

Well guys im gonna try a thingy in a month, Yaaarrr!

I will try to write down how much PoE per battle and per every pillage I join for a month and see how much I will earn!
Time to time it maybe come's a Ci,Smh or a flotilla. pleased

Ill be drinking alot of rum working on the pillages, Hiiic!
Maybe there will be other pirates who wants to help and maybe try to see how much you earn by bnaving on pilly's and well see if its more profitable than jobbing as a carper and so on.

This is most based on how to earn as much PoE thread thingy.
So this will be a test to see for me with pilly's!


1st (PvP) Pilly, - Smaller Succés, we won 2 pvp battles and the rest i cant remember and than El Pollo Diablo(Black Ship), All know what happens than, earned around 100-200 PoE and it took around, Errrmmm... I really cant remember less than an hour tho. Defrass was the bnaver

2 Pilly - Hmm? 2 battles won both, first battle - 238 PoE, second - 168, And divide 380PoE a total of 786PoE this wsa done under a half hour. Smile As Pirate wish, Spella was the bnaver for this one.

(3)SMH - Wow! I earned alot of PoE's on this probly half SMH couldnt stay for whole Sad
And i earned about 16k or more and a uggly chest vest thingy like were old Sad
It took me around 2-3hours i think... And the battle navigator was awesome and his name is....
Reeves. Very Happy

Day 2

(4) Ci
- Excellento!I earned about 3k PoE's and some old stuff, it took around 1.5 hours.
And the bnaver was

(5) I dunno what to call this PvP thingy - If i done this everyday i would be rich! I went on something PvP thingy it was two guys in same crew who did a pvp battle vs each others and they were paying 30k for each pirate who participated in the winning team and i was there :-)
So I got 30k!

6 Pilly - Great! Flag pilly directly after PvP thingy and earned around 600+ PoE in one battle in just few minutes!
Piratus was for this wonderfull bnaving!

Day 3

Blockade (7) - I can't remember how much PoE I got but I think I got a bit over 10k
It was 2.5k per segment.

Guys Im sorry but I havent got energy to pilly today Sad

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Re: PillyPoE

Post  Piratus on Fri Jan 22, 2010 11:25 am

Could you give us the name of the officer in charge or the name of crew? Would be intresting to see wich are crappy and wich are good Smile

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