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[BLACKSMITHING] Mortesecca's forge

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[BLACKSMITHING] Mortesecca's forge

Post  Chamberlain on Sat Jul 19, 2008 9:17 pm

Sunday July 20, there will be two rounds of a blacksmithing bake-off. The first round will be held at 6:00 AM game time (2:00 PM GMT), the second round at Noon game time (8:00 PM GMT).


Entrants must have an unstatted (Novice/Able) alt at the blacksmith puzzle.
A flag broadcast from Mortesecca will invite entrants to sign in. When they all will be ready, another flag broadcast will announce the start.
As soon as the ocean-wide standings* of the entrant's alt will go up one level, he/she must Mortesecca a tell stating the stanging achieved (i.e.: "distinguished", "master").
The bake-off lasts 30 minutes.

Entrants can only enter one round. The overall winner will be declared after comparing the results of the two rounds.
1st prize:a sword, a labour badge, an inscribed scroll
2nd prize:a labour badge, an inscribed scroll

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Official results of the bake-off

Post  Pishkirlin on Sun Jul 20, 2008 10:48 pm

0.08.08, Azeitona - Distinguished
0.12.26, Jenfa - Distinguished
0.17.37, Jenfa - Respected
0.20.24, Jenfa - Master
0.20.51, Azeitona - Respected
0.29.40, Azeitona - Master
0.32.54, Jenfa - Renowned
0.35.24, Azeitona - Renowned

Jenfa - Winner
a sword, a labour badge, an inscribed scroll

Azeitona - 2nd place
a labour badge, an inscribed scroll

Runner up: Rubydeath, Respected in 0.26.44.

Crew: : Knights of Saint George

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