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[TRIVIA] A look at Ascalon

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[TRIVIA] A look at Ascalon

Post  Chamberlain on Wed Jul 16, 2008 1:57 am

The trivia is finally online!!!

First prize: a sword, over 9.000* Pieces of Eight, an inscribed scroll
Second prize: a sword, an inscribed scroll

* The winner will get a bid on 1000 units of iron at Ashkelon Arch, venue may vary depending on the island one will sell it.

Everyone who will answer correctly to all the questions will get a bid ticket for 100 units of iron at Ashkelon Arch (pirates and cabin persons will receive 1.000 PoE).

Note for the peers: your score in the trivia will grant you the right to be portrayed in the flag portrait when it will be made.

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Official results of the trivia

Post  Pishkirlin on Sun Jul 20, 2008 11:27 pm

Blackseagull - Winner
Score: 100%
Completion Time: Jul 16, 2008 12:03AM,
Prize: a sword, 900 units of iron, an inscribed scroll + 100 units of iron

Enblith - 2nd place
Score: 100%
Completion Time: Jul 19, 2008 7:56AM
Prize: a sword, an inscribed scroll + 100 units of iron

Runner up: Acerin
Score: 92%

Xanthars (84%), Larana and Jackbnimble (79%) will also receive a prize as the highest non-titled members.

Congratulations to all entrants. Individual results are available but they won't be made public.

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Re: [TRIVIA] A look at Ascalon

Post  Pishkirlin on Sun Jul 20, 2008 11:58 pm

Solutions and results of the trivia.

2. To whom did the legendary sword belong?
Chuck Norris 0 0%
D’Artagnan 0 0%
Jack Sparrow 0 0%
Saint George 15 100%
Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-As-Sir-Lancelot 0 0%

3. What kind of blade was Ascalon in “The Seven Champions” by Richard Johnson?
A swiss army knife 0 0%
A cutlass 0 0%
A poignard 1 7%
A falchion 10 67%
A long sword 4 27%

4. To what else can the name of Ascalon refer?
A city in Israel 14 93%
A legendary portion of Atlantis 1 7%
A ship of the Royal Navy 3 20%
A bone of the skull 0 0%
A nation in the fictional world of Guild Wars 10 67%
A powerful laxative 1 7%
A fantasy novel by Sanders Anne Laubenthal 1 7%
A soft drink made from tamarind 0 0%
A fictional character in Tolkien’s legendarium 0 0%
A fossilized dung found in southwestern Saskatchewan 0 0%

5. What word or name shares its etymology with the sacred blade?
Escalope, a thin piece of meat without bones 1 7%
Eschaton, the end of everything, the final destiny of the world 5 33%
Escherichia coli, a bacterium that is commonly found in the lower intestine of warm-blooded animals 0 0%
Scallion, a long thin green and white onion that is often eaten raw 9 60%
Scallop, a marine bivalve mollusk of the family Pectinidae 0 0%

6. Ascalon also appears in a ballad by John Grubb. How is the sword metaphorically described?
The saw that amputated the dragon's leg 0 0%
The razor that shaved the dragon's beard 11 73%
The boot that kicked the dragon's butt 0 0%
The scissors that cut the dragon's tail 2 13%
The poignard that stabbed the dragon's back 2 13%

7. Before proffering the Prophecy of Ascalon, Mortesecca used to be member of an eminent academy from which he was eventually banned. Why?
Because he stole a familiar 0 0%
Because he colluded in a spade game 0 0%
Because of his interests in black magic 12 80%
Because of his untrimmed beard 1 7%
Because he founded a pirate crew 2 13%

8. How have historians of Sage interpreted the "iron" of the prophecy?
The townhouse Saint George Arms on Dragon's Nest on Cobalt 1 7%
The cannon balls shot during the passage to Ascalon 0 0%
The iron spawned in Ashkelon Arch 14 93%
A metonymy for the crew Blades of Ascalon 9 60%

The 20 doubloons one has to pay as fee to found a flag 0 0%
The sword of the old salt Daring George 0 0%
The King's blacksmithing skills 1 7%
The anchor of the Lethargic Dragon 0 0%
The iron fist with which the Monarch rules 1 7%
Mortesecca's lost razor 1 7%

9. According to the founding myth, where did Pishkirlin find the last copy of "Seven Champions" by Richard Johnson?
He hauled it from Atlantis 0 0%
He stole it from Vargas' library 13 87%
He pillaged it from brigands 0 0%
He bought it from a player 0 0%
He found it on Google 2 13%

10. What route was travelled on during the so-called "passage to Ascalon"?
Ashkelon Arch to Lincoln 0 0%
Ashkelon Arch to Kashgar 1 7%
Ashkelon Arch to the Sunker Monastery of Ur Mom 0 0%
Kasidim to Ashkelon Arch 13 87%
Morannon to Ashkelon Arch 1 7%

11. One of the following crews never joined Ascalon, which one?
British Bulldogs 0 0%
Chupate Este Pomegranate 9 60%
Dragon Slayers 2 13%
Furia Odio Depressione 2 13%
Boca Juniors 2 13%

12. On January 2008, a diplomatic crisis with Good Grief occurred. How did Ascalon respond to their declaration of war?
Giving them back their teddy bears 0 0%
Ignoring the declaration of war 2 13%
Jobbing against them on their blockades 1 7%
Offering an alliance request 11 73%
Returning the declaration of war 1 7%

13. In Ascalonese history, to what does "The Restoration" refer ?
The restoration of absolute monarchy after a short period of democracy 1 7%
The restoration of Pishkirlin to the throne 12 80%
The restoration of public consent, which has actually never existed, regarding the Crown's rule 0 0%
The restoration of the last copy of Richard Johnson's book to the rightful owner by Pishkirlin with his most sincere apology 2 13%
The restoration work on Pishkirlin's house 0 0%

14. What do the names of the two former allies of Ascalon have in common?
A reference to dreams 1 7%
A reference to food 0 0%
A reference to ghosts 7 47%
A reference to hippity-dippity 0 0%
A reference to mythology 7 47%

15. Amity X is one of the few blockades in which Ascalon has ever taken part. Its allies attacked the islands controlled by League of Light with a fleet of sloops. What was the intent for the island inspired by?

David and Goliath, as you can see here 9 60%
Gargamel and the smurfs, as you can see here 0 0%
Gulliver and the Lilliputians, as you can see here 2 13%
Snow White and the seven dwarfs, as you can see here 1 7%
Rickrolling, as you can see here 3 20%

16. On June 27, Ascalon participated in an event blockade on Cromwell Island. Who was the initiator of the so-called "Season of the Flame"?
Azarbad the Great 12 80%
Achmed the Dead Terrorist 0 0%
Captain Cleaver 2 13%
Hephaestus 0 0%
Pishkirlin 1 7%

17. What does the quest for Ascalon represent?
The quest for glory one can find blockading islands 0 0%
The quest for booty one can find pillaging the high seas 1 7%
The quest for chivalric virtues one can find within himself 13 87%
The quest for love one can find among his hearties 1 7%
The quest for saucy wenches one can find at the inn 0 0%

18. What is the Golden Book?
A compendium about alchemy including instructions on how to dye cats green 0 0%
A comprehensive guide to peerage including instructions on how to reckon titles 9 60%
A list of tricks to improve in puzzles including instructions on how to speed-hack 1 7%
An atlas of Sage including instructions on how to sail safely without being engaged 3 20%
A collection of recipes including instruction on how to cook the famous Moules à l'Ascalonnaise 2 13%

19. How could the flag motto be translated from French?
God and my right 1 7%
In this sign you will conquer 3 21%
Shame be to him who thinks evil of it 1 7%
Virtue dwells within myself 8 57%
I think I left the bathtub running 1 7%

20. “Quarterly, the first and the fourth quarter Argent, Gules a cross; second quarter Gules Saint George killing the dragon proper; third quarter Gules, in pale a sword proper over a vol Or„ What does this text stand for?
The instructions on a treasure map 0 0%
A magic formula 0 0%
The blazon of the coat of arms 13 87%
A coded message for the allies 2 13%
A pickup line 0 0%

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Re: [TRIVIA] A look at Ascalon

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