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Crew page
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Blades of Ascalon

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Blades of Ascalon

Post  Pishkirlin on Thu Aug 06, 2009 3:27 am

Time to re-launch our sister crew, the Blades of Ascalon.

Purposes of the crew
1. Keeping the flag coffer
2. Running nautical events
3. Running private activities

1. As I have already stated in the Splitting the Privy Purse thread, there will be a ship in this crew the purpose of which is gathering money for flag events. Such a ship is the Princely Sum and it's ported at Admiral Island. Flag events will be sponsored only by the Princely Sum, while the Strong Box will only be the crew coffer of the Knights of Saint George... the donations to the Sum come from the Strong Box, in a percentage we are going to decide as well as from personal donations from members of the Royal Court.

2. Any joint nautical activity (except pillage) should be now run within this crew. We are going use Blades of Ascalon for event blockades, flotillas, SMH (if any), ship races, challenges, pvp training, training pillages and so on.

3. This is valid especially for the Knights of Saint George. Trade runs and private pillage have to be run within this crew. There is no room for private activities in the Knights of Saint George. A crew is for crew activities. Please move here your badged alts for foraging, trading and private pillages. Any ship of the Knights of Saint George at sea must be a ship everyone could board. I'll probably expand this topic in another thread.

How to join
At the moment the only active Officers are alts of mine, so you need to catch me online for joining the crew. As soon as I will have recruited more officers, you can ask to them to join. Ask if anyone can let you join in the /fo chat, because even if no officer of Blades of Ascalon is online, maybe their main characters could be.

alts of Royalty: Senior Officers
alts of Titled members: Fleet Officers
alts of Officers of any rank: Officers.
alts for other purposes*: Cabin persons.

* such as whisking, foraging alts and so on (Sea Monster Hunts alts can be be kept within the Knights of Saint George).

N.B. I'm going to start expelling anyone else from the crew if you already have an alt there and you want to claim your rank, please let me know.

Crew: : Knights of Saint George

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Re: Blades of Ascalon

Post  Defrass on Thu Aug 06, 2009 4:20 am

If i have to i'll put Deffy into BoA Evil or Very Mad


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