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Happy Birthday, Y!PP

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Happy Birthday, Y!PP

Post  Pishkirlin on Tue Dec 09, 2008 8:22 am

So Y!PP is 5 years old. There is a thread by Artemis in the global parley about "the things that you remember from back in the day" and the "memorable moments to share". What are yours?

My most intense memories are:
- achieving the rank of Lieutenant in the Navy as a greenie.
- the first pillages I joined, puzzling for hours thinking that if I left before porting I wouldn't get any booty.
- buying my first bandolier jacket (tan/white, cause I couldn't afford a navy one)!
- having earned with hard work every single rank and title.
- having decided to found the Knights of Saint George and having waited almost one whole month to have it started on the 23rd of April (St. George's day).
- the first months as a Captain looking to recruit new members, pestering every single independent pirate I met in the inns and on the Navy ships. Ask Blackseagull or Enblith.
- the first anniversary of the crew.
- the effort put in earning every single Ultimate trophy, including a few sleepless nights sailing the cold waters of Auk Island with Blackie, looking to achieve the Ultimate bnaving.
- some great friends such as Sprockett, Morien and now Acerin quitting the game. Sad

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Re: Happy Birthday, Y!PP

Post  Blackseagull on Wed Dec 10, 2008 10:00 am

Three years have passed since I started playing PP. Wow, such a long time!

I remember when I was a greenie, the first days playing were so confusing! There was so much to do and learn! lol I spent days and nights playing and trying everything. Once I learnt the basics I started jobbing and was such a good jobber lol because just like Pish said, I too thought I couldn't leave until we reached port. That's a good jobber! Razz

Oh and the first battle I was in I was so scared! I could hear cannon shots and my heart was racing and was so scared rofl. Then the swordfight began and my heart was pounding, it was such an amazing feeling! Everything seemed increible, amazing and wonderful!

I remember the day I met an annoying guy at the inn on Wensleydale. He sent me a tell and we started talking. We became hearties just because I couldn't say no lol. He was so annoying and stubborn xD I finally agreed to join his crew but only for a trial period. And well, I'm still here because I could never leave. Thanks for being so annoying Pish! Razz lol.

Oh! I remember the day I got the Ultimate trophy in sailing! I was so happy! I felt so proud of myself, as if I had accomplished something incredible lol.

This game gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people, and that's what I thank PP for the most. I'm grateful for meeting you! Smile

Happy Birthday PP!


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