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Play the dirge.

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Play the dirge.

Post  Guest on Wed Jun 18, 2008 1:27 pm

It is with sad heart and dragging feet that I proclaim a party shall take place tommorow at 8:30 pm GMT. We shall gather together one last time with our dearly beloved Madmatt as he leaves this world for a better.
It will be our sorry lot to help Matt rid himself of all his worldly possessions which will be done by way of tournaments, contests and skirmishes.

There will be four main events:

1) SF Tournament
2) Rumble Tournament
3) Insult Matt * - a chance to have your revenge on the man who went beyond the bounds of decency in his insults.
4) Madmatt's obituary / last will * -

Events 3 and 4 may be written in any of the four official languages of the flag, to wit, English, Dutch, Italian and Spanish.

In addition, there will be a short pillage with Matt as XO on the ship of his choice.

I hope to see you all there to bid adieu to him as he crosses the threshold into the unknown.


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Prices for the Madmatt events

Post  Guest on Wed Jun 18, 2008 1:33 pm

The prizes for the events should be as follows although they may be subject to change without notice.


1) SF Tourney: 10,000 Pot
Bonus: 1st Swordrack + 4 dubs
2nd rapier + 2 dubs
3rd foil + 2 dub
4th stick

2) Rumble: 8000 Pot
Bonus: 1st labour badge + 2 dubs
2nd parlour badge
3rd whisking potion + clothes + 1000

3) Insult Mad:
1st Sloop Deed
2nd Officer badge
3rd Wardrobe + hat

4) Obituary / last will
1st Sloop Deed
2nd Tankard + 4k
3rd chest + 2k


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And the winners are .......

Post  Guest on Fri Jun 20, 2008 1:25 pm

For the SF tournament

1st prize: Leoric
2nd prize: Pishkirlin
3rd prize: Swedempa
4th prize: Larana

For the Rumble tournament

1st prize: Swedempa
2nd prize: Picturesque
3rd prize: Leoric

Insult Matt

To be announced

Obituary/Last will

To be announced


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Re: Play the dirge.

Post  Pishkirlin on Fri Jun 20, 2008 3:40 pm

I'm afraid the deadline for the last two contests has to be post-poned. This week-end I might not be home. Also giving people more time to compose their entries wouldn't be a bad idea. What about delaying by one week?
Also, prizes could be even richer since I got another 39k from Matt. I increased the SF and Rumble pot by 2k each tourny, so there is still 35k left. $_$

Kudos to Picturesque, who has already sent his entry!

/e points out that he got the 4th place prize in the rumble tourny: Matt's precious white (well, yellowish in facts) underpants!

Crew: : Knights of Saint George

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Contests cancelled

Post  Pishkirlin on Wed Jun 25, 2008 12:13 pm

I'm afraid that due to major organization issues, the last two contests have to be cancelled.

Picturesque, the only one who sumbitted an entry wins:
A tankard
A wardrobe
A small chest
And... 41.000 Pieces of Eight!

The rest of the prizes (2 sloops, 1 officer badge) will be given away in future events.

Crew: : Knights of Saint George

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Re: Play the dirge.

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