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Hoist the colours!

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Hoist the colours!

Post  Pishkirlin on Sun Oct 26, 2008 6:24 am

The King of Ascalon wants to give new uniforms to the flag. Although is passion for the navy cloth is well known, he is still not sure of what colour best matches the design of a captain's jacket. Moreover, being known as a quite pretentious sovereign, he demands cloth form Caravanserai, the only island on Sage were weavers from Damascus work. As for the iron, it must come from Ashkelon Arch - of course.
So he announces a new mission for his brave knights: he will pay 3 times the price of the cloth on Admiral Island to the first knight who will bring to him the precious cloth from Caravanserai.


1. Starting from the 30th October, buy 16 units (and no more than 16) of fine cloths from Caravanserai, in the colour of your liking among the following ones:
  • blue
  • green
  • grey
  • light green
  • maroon
  • navy
  • red
  • white
  • yellow.

2. Sail them to Admiral Island. On Ashkelon Arch, place a bid for 2 units of iron and get them delivered on your ship before starting again.
3. Use only your vessels or your team mates' ones.
4. Each ship can't sail for more than 8 leagues a day (24 hrs) from the island where the last transaction with a building (trade/bid) was made. Place a bid on each inhabited island you visit. Bid tickets, except the one on Ashkleon Arch do not have to ever actually fill. So feel free to make the bid ticket for one PoE.
5. Teams are allowed. Sloops belonging to different officers of the same team can be used to cover more than 8 leagues a day.
6. Teaming with a member of Glimmer of Light is encouraged: the Crown will add 20.000 Pieces of Eight if a member of said crew teams with a knight. To prove that you teamed with one of them, you must take a screenshot of a duty report where your teammate wears a bandana of the same colour of the cloth you are moving.
7. Cheating your teammates is allowed. If you don't want one colour to win, you can sabotage your team (loosing deliberately battles against brigands, locking the clothes if moved on your vessel and so on). You can be in more than one team.
8. Until the sloop has reached Ashkelon Arch, stealing from your opponents is allowed. If one sloop is left unlocked, any FO can move the goods to another vessel of his and lock them there. Goods can be also stolen issuing a challenge against the owner of a locked sloop.
9. Challenges must always be accepted as long as a witness (a crewmate or flagmate) is available. The knight challenged has the right to choose the puzzle (SF, rumble or drinking - on free days). Rematches can be claimed starting from 24 hrs. after the previous duel. The winner of the duel can claim the goods on the sloop and move them on a different vessel.
10. Charting is up to you. I won't chart for any team.
11. Royals and Titled Member of Ascalon can offer a bonus (up to 10.000 PoE) for the colours of their liking (among the allowed ones).
12. You can loose up to 4 units of cloth. If you loose more, you'll have to start over.
13. At the end of the mission it is expected to rebate your opponents for any loss caused to them or return them the goods stolen.


The cloth will be bought at three times the lowest sell price on Admiral Island at the moment of the transaction from the first team who bring at least 12 units of cloth from Caravanserai.
A bonus of 20.000 Pieces of Eight will be rewarded if you team with a member of Glimmer of Light.
The mission awards 25 sangreazul per teammate of the winning crew.

His Majesty offers a bonus of 10.000 Pieces of Eight if the cloth delivered is Navy.

Please post in this thread any question concerning the mission.
No answers will be provided in-game. Thanks for your understanding.

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10.000 PoE Reward!

Post  Blackseagull on Thu Oct 30, 2008 2:37 pm

Dear Citizens of Ascalon:

Lady Blackseagull offers a 10.000 PoE bonus as a reward for moving NAVY CLOTH, if that colour wins!

Choose NAVY CLOTH mateys! Win my 10k plus the 10k offered by the King! Yes, that's right! That makes 20.000 PoE!

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity! Wonderful colour for elegant gentlemen and ladies!

Win this great competition, respect and money, what else do you want?

Lady Blackseagull curtsies

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Re: Hoist the colours!

Post  Pishkirlin on Sun Nov 02, 2008 10:46 pm

Winning team: Fatuzza, Frame, Leoric, Ortyka, Scrondo.
Colour delivered: maroon.

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Re: Hoist the colours!

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